Carrier Integration with Stallion Express in Canada

Hello community,

We require a carrier integration with Stallion Express in Canada, and I have a few getting started questions before we break ground:

  1. Is an integration already available out there?
  2. Is an integration planned and expected within the next few months?
  3. Does anyone recommend an experienced developer to tackle this?
  4. … I guess I am building it myself.

Once built, it will be essential to have Ship Hero automatically select the cheapest carrier. I see the instructions for creating and registering a label creation webhook, but how will the “cheapest” automation rule work? Can I create a flag or separate endpoint for quoting that does not purchase a label?

Thank you!

Hi @Joseph
Thanks for posting on our community!

We don’t have an integration build at the moment for this Carrier.

Not that I’m aware of, I can still log a Feature Request to see if it could be added and an estimate ETA if it gets approved. Let me know if that would work for you

You could post on our Devs Needed & Available section for this, there might be someone already using Generate Label Webhooks that might be a good fit.

This is not supported by the Generate Label Webhook, we just send the shipment information and expect the label back, but we don’t have any Quoting ability.

Let me know if there is anything else I could help with, and if that Feature Request will work for this.
Thanks in advance!


Thank you Tom, that was very helpful.

We will proceed to build an integration as it is needed urgently, so no need for a feature request.

I will still need to solve the “cheapest” challenge… Are you able to tell me a bit more about how the “cheapest” rule works today. How do you know which is cheapest before purchasing a label? For native carrier integrations, I assume there is greater capability built in that makes this possible?

If that is not available to custom integrations, what is the most effective approach that you recommend to solve the problem of identifying and automatically selecting the cheapest carrier/method?

Thank you,

Hi @Joseph!

That is correct, we quote for all and calculate the cheapest available, but the calculation happens internally.

We have some users that get the quote directly on the custom carrier page by quoting, and then the decision if this is the cheapest or not. It might not be the most elegant solution, to be honest.

Let me know if you want me to go ahead with the feature request. It will not be immediate though

Thanks again!

Thank you, Tom, I appreciate your support.

It is disappointing however that the capability of custom carrier integrations is limited.

Although we will be proceeding with our own integration build for the time being, I would like officially request two features: 1) Enhancement of your custom Carrier integration capabilities to allow for complete functionality including quoting for cheapest calculation, 2) A native direct integration with Stallion Express.

Thanks again!

Hi @Joseph!

Sounds like a plan, I made those requests.
These would be the Developers documentation about their API, right? > Build, Collaborate & Integrate APIs | SwaggerHub

We will let you know as soon as we have a response back about this.
Thanks again for the explanation and the patience on this!

Yes, that is the one - thank you!

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Hi @Joseph!
Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to build this integration at the moment.
We will keep this request open as a reference in case we manage to add it in the future.
I apologize for the inconvenience and thanks for the patience while we discussed this internally.
Please let us know if there is anything we could help with!