Destination warehouse for transfer orders


Orders query returns both sales and transfer orders. I have some questions:

  • what is correct way to distnguish sales vs transfers?
  • is it possible to get destination warehouse for transfer orders?
  • is it possible to set filter for orders query to get only sales or only transfers?

Thank you

Hi @sb2020!
I apologize if you already know this, but here goes a brief explanation of how this gets created on the App:

When users create a transfer order it will create:

  • A Purchase Order for the warehouse receiving the inventory
  • A Order for the warehouse transferring the inventory

But those orders are just like any other Purchase Order/Order, the only difference would be the name, this is:

  • Purchase Order will have a name like TO-MO206
  • Order will have a name like TO-MO206

So then, for your questions:

Just by seeing the name of the order, it should begin with TO

You would need to query for a PO with that same name (TO-MO206) and see what warehouse it’s assigned to.
In the Order itself, it won’t show, unless you add a note or a tag. But that will require extra manual work

I could make a feature request to be able to filter this, but at the moment we don’t have a way of distinguishing between those, because the only difference is the name, that has TO at the beginning.

Let me know if that doesn’t help or I could explain better.
Thanks in advance!