Get Return API responding with 403 [REST API]

Hello ShipHero Community,

We’re trying to integrate ShipHero with our system. For the same we’re facing problems while consuming the Get Return endpoint /v1.2/general-api/returns/ API. We get 403 Forbidden in this request. We are passing token in x-api-key Header. We have also tried all the following requests by passing token in URL parameter, that didn’t work too.

We have also tried the following combinations :

  1. /v1.2/general-api/returns/1XXXXXX8
  2. /v1.2/general-api/returns/1XXXXXXX8?all_returns=1
  3. /v1.2/general-api/returns/1XXXXX8?order_number=%23XXXXX&all_returns=1
  4. /v1.2/general-api/returns/1XXXXXX8?partner_order_id=1XXXXXXXXX4&order_number=%23XXXXX&all_returns=1
  5. /v1.2/general-api/returns/1XXXXXX8?order_number=1XXXXXXXX4
  6. /v1.2/general-api/returns/?partner_order_id=1XXXXXXXXX4
  7. /v1.2/general-api/returns/?order_number=XXXXXXX
  8. /v1.2/general-api/returns/?order_number=%23XXXXX

The documentation clearly mentions Instead of the ShipHero order id in the request, one of the parameters may be sent in instead. but nothing works.

Appreciate your help.


Hello @KSridhar, and thanks for contributing to the ShipHero Community!
Is there any particular reason you are building an integration using the Rest API?.
The reason I ask this is that we will be deprecating our Rest API next year, so if you are starting to build an integration you might want to use the GraphQL API.
Thanks again!

Tom W

More info about this on Legacy API Deprecation

Hi @tomasw ,
Thanks for responding. We already have most of the integrations completed with REST APIs. We will surely consider migrating to GraphQL in the next few months.
Meanwhile, could you please help us with the existing REST APIs?

Sounds good @KSridhar!
To be able to assist you please email with the request and the client account number and we’ll look into it for you.
Thank you!
Tom W