Purchase_orders and returns query filters

Please add “updated_from” and “updated_to” as supported arguments for the “purchase_orders” and “returns” queries.

I have seen others posting about this so I expect it would be well received. Not to mention reduce traffic on your api servers. I don’t want to use webhooks for this. This requires hosting something to listen for webhook events and can also be unreliable.

Bottom line is that these queries should support “updated_from” and “updated_to”.

Hi @bbarrett

We do not have those fields in the DB for those queries.

You have the updated_at argument in the ReturnLineItem query
For the purchase_orders, there is a plan to add and remove line items, which might include the update argument in the future.

Have a nice day!

I run data synch programs to stage data for reporting. This gap in your API forces me to get that same POs and Returns over and over again just to check if they have changed.

This forces me to keep your API busy returning records I don’t need. It also wastes my API usage credits.

Getting only “updated” transaction data is a basic functionality. Especially necessary for web-based APIs with usage limit.


You are right. It would benefit both interfaces. The difficult part is how the tables are designed in ShipHero DB.
What value are you looking to get? Because in a PO, a lot of values can change. The receiving of the line items, the PO fulfillment status, the date, etc.

I would expect to get the updated Return or PO if ANY data within the object changed. Including the lineitems and receipts.