Removing "is kit" from item?

Is there anyway to make a kit item not a kit item anymore? I know you can remove kit components, and clear a kit. However, I can’t find a way to return an item to the default settings.

Hey @ed_antiquecandle,

Thanks for reaching out.
I’ll look into this and get back to you.


Hey @ed_antiquecandle,

Thanks for hanging in there!

I wanted to confirm that you’re looking for a way to change the value “kit”:true to “kit”:false for a product through the API? If this is the case I also wasn’t able to find a way to do so, so I’d have to pass along the feedback to our team.

Also do you have an example SKU by chance?

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Hey @Rayanp,

Basically, I accidently sent a regular item an empty build kit call but it still assigns it as a kit when you do that and there is no way to take it off as you noted.

I can imagine a scenario where an item would stop being a kit (kit is now outsourced and arrived pre-packaged ect.). So I figured I’d ask if it was possible, but I ended up just deleting the item and recreating it.

Thanks for your time!


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Hi @Rayanp ,

I have the same issue, and it is really annoying because We can’t manage inventory for the products that are marked as “kit: true”. The mutation kit_clear does not deactivate this field.

For now, the only solution that I have is re-create the product, but of course this is not viable in the long term.

Please check out if there is any way to change this values without having to re-create the products. Thank you!

PS: I already sent a ticket by the way, it is with id 62285 so you can track it.

Hey @marioreinike,

Thanks for hanging in there.
Replying here since it looks like you were able to be somewhat successful in the other thread.

I’ll pass that feedback along to the team. I think having that capability through the Public API could prove quite useful…

Thanks for bringing that up!