Unable to receive PO and ship SO


My team and I are testing the Shiphero system we’re creating POs and SOs through the API. The orders and purchase orders are being created fine but the receiving and shipping parts are not working. For the PO, we’re getting unauthorized purchase order ID error message

For the SOs, we’re getting the error below:

Can we get some help trying to figure out what seems to be the issue?

Hi @april ! And welcome to ShipHero and our Public API Community :slightly_smiling_face:

That could be because the order was created on the 3PL Account.
Try creating the order on the Customer account instead.

To be able to do so, when creating the order you will need to include the parameter customer_account_id

Something like this:

mutation {
  order_create(data: { 
    customer_account_id: "7556"

The reason for this is that Products and Order “live” on each Customer Account, but the inventory for them is managed on the 3PL account.

Let us know if that doesn’t help.
Thanks in advance!

Hi Tom

Issue is fixed! Thank you so much for your help! Amazing support! :clap:

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