Active field in products

Hi community! I have a doubt about the active field value in product query.
In my request, the product appears inactive but I can see is active in every warehouse except one. How this value is calculated? Can I used it to determine if a product is globally active/inactive?

Thanks in advance!

"request_id": "6108fc0d854b83f15ad0cd0e"

EDIT1: I have other request with the same case, active in every warehouses except one (the same) but in this case the value of active product is true.

"request_id": "6108fe67d5de56f61c0256b7"

Thank you for the request_ids , I will take a look

Is there any advance on this issue? We are having the same trouble with differents products and we need to know how to solve it.

Thanks in advance. Eduardo.

I ran the same query that is in this request, and it matched what was in the UI. Every one came back active except one.
“request_id”: “6108fc0d854b83f15ad0cd0e”
I got the same results on this query

Hi @Theresa ! My question was about the active field that appear in the product info, different of the active field that appears in warehouse_products in the same query.

This product appears with false value in the active field

This one has true value in this field

Both products are active in the same warehouses but his active field is different. That is what we need to understand why the value is different

In the two earlier requests you sent, the status of the sku matched what was in the account. I will be happy to look these over to see if they match up as well.

Please copy and paste those request ids. Thank you!

“request_id”: “611615e3e6b0e99ccbac5c85”
“request_id”: “61161622d0db8241356954a9”

Ah, thank you. I see now. Because of the one warehouse where it is inactive, it sets the data for the sku across all warehouses as inactive. Thank you for bringing that to our attention. The individual warehouse instances of the sku are showing correctly, as they are all active with the exception of the one warehouse.