Add serial number to order/item

I want to add a serial number to one order using the api.
I have an order_id, shipment_id, warehouse_id… but through the api I can’t seem to find how to add the serial number.
I see it as part of the LineItem, but I can’t create one.
Can someone provide any simple example on how to just add a serial number to an order?

Basically I want to receive the webhook for shipment update with serial number information, which currently, I do receive this event, but with an empty serial number. I want to fetch something from there, thus, I need some shipment update or something that adds serial numbers.

Hey @leonimota ,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to our Developer Community!

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to change what fields the Shipment Update Webhook sends. It might be possible to add a serial number to a SKU but is what you’re trying to fetch order specific or line item specific?

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Hello @Rayanp , thanks for replying!
Got it.
I want to basically get the serial number (which our collaborator will scan it and assign to a serial number).
So I figured I could get this info through the webhook for shipment update.
And I wanted to simulate this process.