Aggregated shipment numbers?

Hi, is there a way to get aggregated numbers of shipments or orders? Say, total number of shipments during a time period (daily, weekly). Also total number items shipped etc.

Hi @burtvegas, welcome!
I am not seeing a total count when getting orders are filtered by date. I am checking if this is something that needs designation server-side or if it can be worked into a query. I will keep you posted. What is the exact information that you are looking to aggregate? Here is a date filtered query for order numbers

query {
  orders(order_date_from: "2021-07-01", order_date_to: "2021-08-13") {

    data(first: 2) {
      edges {
        node {
      pageInfo {

We’d like to get the total number of orders/shipments/items shipped etc.

Counts are not something that ShipHero is implementing.

Hi Theresa, thank you for the response.
Is there any specific concern behind this decision?
This seems to be a basic requirement for merchants to gather warehouse operation stats. Thank you!

I do not have the information as to why. You can, however, gather that information in the ShipHero app UI. In the UI, there is a reports section which includes things like

  • shipments
  • shipped items
  • inventory value
  • kits
  • location replenishment ( for dynamic slotting)
  • serial numbers

Throughout the app, you can also export a csv of various types of data.