API Call Limitation

I’m getting an API Call limit message from my IT Integration Team: Currently there is a limit of 5000 API calls per hour. During our development we need more to get things done.

How do we increase the API calls for our account?

Hi Daniel, thanks for contributing!
What type of information are you trying to pull? And for this, what are the Queries/Mutations you are using?

Hi Tomasw, can we increase the API call limit during development? Currently the limit is at 5000API calls per hour. We are developing an interface with another ERP and need to get inventory, shipments etc and the write back orders into ShipHero.

This is urgent for our project and I would appreciate your response about this.

Thank you

Thank you for the response, Daniel!

Increasing credit limit is not something we usually do, and the reason for this is that some users might abuse it, and some will play trial and error, so, intentionally or not they can come up with extremely expensive queries. To prevent those from happening and affecting the entire performance of the API, we have implemented the rate-limiting based on user quotas.

So we should first check the queries/mutations (or the request_id s) you are using, so we can optimize them as much as possible and understand if its the best approach for achieving what you need.

Thanks Again!,

Tom W

We are running queries to get all the records of the objects ‘Inventory’, ‘Shipments’, ‘Products’ and ‘POs’ and the bulk mutation to run on the ‘Orders’ object. Kindly increase the call limit.