Assign an inventory item to a warehouse


I am looking for a way to re-assign existing products to from warehouse A to warehouse B. Is it possible to do with the GraphQL API?

The mutation “inventory_add” seems removed from in the latest version (got “Unexpected error” from the API). Tried the mutation "warehouse_product_update " but git the same error (probably because of the item does not exist in that warehouse yet).

Please assist.

@ihnatk could you please share the request_id from those failed requests? The use case you mention should be handled by the inventory add/remove mutations. With the request_id we can investigate the cause of the error.


The request ID is 5da63565be1ce7b2aec26317. I am trying to add an existing SKU to another warehouse.

BTW, does your legacy REST API support this operation? Tried Update Product Inventory resource passing the SKU, warehouse and quantity but got an error.
"response": "{\"status\": 400, \"code\": 400, \"error\": \"Product not found by account, sku, warehouse: (5518, 33100135236590610060, Dropship)\"}"
Or this endpoint works for existing warehouse products only?

@ihnatk yes that’s right, looks like that product does not exist on that warehouse. You always need to have the product created in the warehouse.

We have pushed an update to the graphql api, so you should be getting a proper error message when trying to execute the previous operation.

OK, then let’s go back to my initial question. Is there any API endpoint that would create the same product in warehouse B? Basically doing the same as the Inventory Transfer section does

@ihnatk That functionality can be achieved by add/removing inventory. The only gotcha is that the product has no exist in both warehouses. We currently don’t have the add product to warehouse mutation, but we’ll be working on that so it will be available pretty soon.