Billing from GraphQL API

I am looking for a way to get billing information from GraphQL, specifically Storage Fees. From the front end / admin, I can go to Setting, Billing, and I see there are different types of charges there. Among them is Storage - is it possible to get this information from the GraphQL API?

Use Case: We use this data as a parameter in our multi-channel multi-warehouse inventory replenishment algorithm. It is a core factor when coming up with a recommended action (to remove warehoused inventory, spend marketing dollars, etc.) for our internal and external teams.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @statonjm!
On the short term this will not be available through our Public API, but I recently submitted a request for it to be considered.
I will let you know as soon as I get an update.

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Thanks @tomasw , is there a different API other than the Public API where this is available?

Thanks for the quick response!

No, unfortunately we don’t have this available on other API

Hi @tomasw any update on this request? Thanks again!

Hi @statonjm!
I apologize for the delay on my update. Unfortunately this is not being developed at the moment.
I will try to provide a better ETA soon.

Hey @tomasw I just wanted to check in on this.
We are still trying to find a way to analyze the billing data to specific products… e.g. I want to answer the questions like:
When will we be charged? (I can get this from storage report, but not API)
How much would we be charged? (I can’t get this anywhere, which is scary!!)
For fees already charged, what were they and when did they happen for each sku? (I can get this in the dashboard by drilling into the invoices, but I cannot export to CSV at the granularity I expect. It exports at the invoice level, which may hold various products within it)

If possible, we would love to discuss with you all, as the billing transparency exists, but it is hard to actually obtain the details we are seeking. Seems like we just need these details surfaced in API or in a report! Thank you for your support, I love the interactions here on forums.

Hi @statonjm
I see what you mean, thanks for those details, those really help when logging a request.
Adding Billing to our Public API was discussed and its something we want to add, but unfortunately, right now we don’t have the resources to make this possible due to the complexity of the task, and we are focusing our resources on preparing for our peak season.
I apologize I don’t have a better answer to this, I did log this feedback and if this for our leaders to discuss when possible.
However, I won’t expect that discussion to happen this year.
Again, thank you for the details and I will let you know if this gets back to our plans

Hey @tomasw, I didn’t want this to get too buried in the requests. I know this is peak season right now, but I wanted to see if this will be on the roadmap for 2021. We have a few clients who want their shipping costs itemized, and I am not able to provide them the data without extensive manual effort.

Hi @statonjm!
I will log the request for this to be handled at our next planning meeting (that usually takes place at the end of the month)
Then I will be able to provide a better answer to this.
Thanks again!

This would be a big deal for us as well. Currently we’re copying dozens of bills into Xero and Stripe by hand.

Tried the usual route of spoofing a user login to access the private API where this information is readily available. Unfortunately there are now significant antibot measures :frowning:

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Just a friendly follow up on this question. Would love to have a billing API so we can automate the billing cycle.

Hi @askthebird & @TheMarket !
Unfortunately, this is not on our short-term roadmap to be added.
Would you need to Queries? (Getting Bills, customers Information, Billing profiles, etc)
Or will you need also to edit things?

The reason I as is because maybe only Queries might not be the same as also adding Mutations and the request to build this might vary a bit.
Thanks in advance!

Instead of logging into app, going to 3PL billing, clicking create bill, selecting the date range, waiting, then downloading and viewing it. Instead I want to automatically create the bill each month for each store and email the bill to someone to review and then just log in to finilise the bill.

We are automatically processing bills using data from Shiphero. This involves generating accurate Xero invoices and capturing payments via our payment processors. It’s much easier to use your pre-generated bills vs. surveying the account’s more granular data and compiling bills ourselves.

Sorry for the late reply, your question got lost in my inbox.


I actually found a way around this. Since April, we’ve had a server reliably logging in as a user & spoofing front-end API requests. Some things never change :rofl:

Getting the cookies right was the trick; just had to make sure requests were processed with a combination of node-fetch & tough-cookie. We did find there were some subtle + wontfix bugs in the billing API, so we started automatically extracting the CSV bills and using those instead.

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the original request is for queries, not mutations.

Not saying other folks may not want mutations, but original request was queries. It sounds like these other folks are just trying to download reports automatically and send to a party, so I think they may be in the same boat I am in.

I am glad the CSV downloads work now! :grinning: For about a year it didn’t, and we were just flying blind. Now we go in once a month and download reports just to upload them to our database.