Bringing in Data via Stitch ETL...Formalized Data Definitions

Hello -

I am currently using the Stitch ETL tool to bring in ShipHero data into my data warehouse.

I am trying to understand where I can get formal definitions for a few of the data points that I am bringing in.

For example, the date field in the shipment response data. Where can I find a formal definition of what that field means? Is it the date of shipment? The date when the tracking label is created?

This is just an example, but overall if there is a way to understand what each field means from all of the data that can be pulled via the API.


Hi Nick,
The date on the shipment is when the shipment was created - but that would be that same time as when the label was created. A shipment is created at the same time as the label.

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a comprehensive list defining all the fields but if you have any questions we’d be happy to address them here.