Bundles (Kits) Shipments details

Hi there, we are using bundles on our eCommerce and the issue we are facing is when bundles are shipped they are being broken_in_sets so instead of the bundle sku we are receiving all the skus that belong to the bundle when querying the API. Is there a way we can include the bundle sku into the shipment information? thanks

Hello @apopeika!

Could you share with me an SKU and order you are experiencing this with?

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Hi, @thomasfs sorry for the late reply, and thanks for your help. Here’s an example SKU D038SUBAOSBNDL - Order #3471479 sh_id: 277531220.

Hello @apopelka!

Unfortunately, build kits show the components as the shipped line items. There is no way around that at the moment. If you are using the shipment/s query, you could query the order field and the line items in it to check if one of them is a kit, but this will significantly increase the credit cost of the call.

If you use regular kits, they will show as a line item, but you will lose the possibility to partially ship them, even if the order has allow_partial = true.

Please let me know if you have further questions.

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