Credit limits with multiple 3PL accounts

I was wondering how the credit limits are allocated across multiple 3PL accounts. For example do we have one big bucket that is shared across all 3PL accounts? Or does each account have its own bucket based on the API key? What about credit limits for the parent 3PL account vs the children accounts? Is this explained anywhere?

Hi @bbarrett
Thanks for reaching out!
At the moment, the credits are per user :slightly_smiling_face:
Let me know if that doesn’t help
Thanks in advance!


Is there some overall limit across all the users? Or can we continue to create more users to get more credits with no limit across all users?

Tomas - I was hoping you could also comment on limits across all users in a single 3PL account. Is there some limit that measures total usage across all users? I need to know if all the “users” running apps in our account are all sharing some larger pool of credits with a limit.

Otherwise we can in theory continue to add more users to get more credits with no limit. Can you please comment on this?

Hi @bbarrett!
My apologies for the delayed response about this.

Each user will be counted differently. They are not shared on a larger pool of credits with a limit.

We don’t want people using multiple keys for in-house to run the same processes as it circumvents our goal of throttling, which is to protect the system.
The idea of 3rd Party Developer users is to give one key per 3rd Party integration.

Thanks again for the patience, and please let us know if there is anything else we could help with!