Custom Line Item Meta

I am curious if there is a way to create some kind of meta that will show up in the line item of the order. Not too picky, would love for it to be a custom field, but if there is a way to change the title of the field, or append the title that would work too.

The products we in this case have some custom properties that we are trying to not have to create additional SKUs for. If that makes sense.

Hi @cjcartier!
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Some sort of product variation? Like for example:

Shoe SKU:12345 (Size:7)
Shoe SKU:12345 (Size:8)
Shoe SKU:12345 (Size:9)
Shoe SKU:12345 (Size:10)

Thanks in advance!

Hi @tomasw,

Kind of. More like

Title: Dank Shoes
SKU: 12345
-Optional Meta Data-: Option 1


Title: Dank Shoes (Option 1)
SKU: 12345

I hope that helps.

Thank you!



Not sure how I missed it in the Schema, but there is an ‘option_title’ input in the line item mutation. Worked like a charm.

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That’s great! thanks for catching that @cjcartier :slightly_smiling_face: