Easier Way To Retrieve Order Currency?

I’m working to integrate ShipHero with our internal ERP system. I need to get the used currency for all currency-based values. All I can find seems to be a currency that is at the Warehouse level of a Product object within a LineItem.

Is there an easier / better way to get the currency at an order level instead of the item level (since at the order level there are currency-based values: subtotal, total_tax, total_price, total_discounts). If an easy way doesn’t exist, can it be added to the Order object?

Hi @brett!
Currently there is no Currency field on the orders query, but is in our plans to add it soon.
We currently have an Engineer assigned to add some missing fields we have, and this is one of them.
I will let you know as soon as I have an update about it.

Thanks tomasw. Is there a list of fields you don’t currently have implemented that you will be looking to implement and when we might expect them?

Hi @brett
The idea would be to have all the field we had on our Rest API, that way, users that already had an integration with the Rest API find all the fields they were using (The ones not deprecated).
It should get implemented before the Rest API is deprecated (which will be on Sept.)
Currently, we have an Engineer working on adding any missing fields, were you looking for any in particular?
Thanks again!

Thanks tomasw. The main things I’d be looking at I outlined in a separate thread, but to answer your question the fields related to financial records (price, subtotal, discount, tax, shipping payment, etc.) at the order level and financial records at the item level would be: price, subtotal and maybe discount (though this can probably be calculated).

I outlined my request more thoroughly in this thread: Missing Financial Data From Orders

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