Error message on a few orders


We have received two errors on a few orders.


#PL0116676 - Api response error from {“code”:500,“results”:“Unable to find service for package, possibly exceeds weight limit.”}

#PL0116523 - Api response error from

#273837 - Api response error from {“code”:500,“results”:“price-1-Invalid item price provided for sku PID01. (0.01). in Item element 1”}

#273837 -


I have already reached out to BUKU ship and they suggested I reach out to Shiphero.

We are using a Public API

Hello @awhitaker, and welcome to the ShipHero PublicAPI Community!
I’ve been checking these orders and their logs, and this is what I found out:

For the first one, #PL0116676, we are sending 4oz as the weight. I don’t think that could be exceeding any limit; maybe it’s related to the box size.

The second one, #273837, is rejected by invalid item price, but we don’t send that information in the payload.

In both cases, it would be great if BUKU could check their logs and trace the API call to see at which point is being rejected, as, on our end, all we have are the initial requests and the responses from them. All the processing takes place on their end.

Have a nice day!

Thank you,

I have an email chain going with them already, can I add you or someone from shiphero. I think it would be easier if you guys can look into this together.