How can we pull fulfillment status on exchange orders?

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We’re having issues pulling fulfillment status on exchange orders. The exchanges are created by Loop Returns. Does ShipHero change the partner ID on exchanges or keep the same ID as the original order?


Hi @jessica ! Welcome! Please post a request-id and I can take a closer look at these orders and the requests. Thanks in advance!

Hi @Theresa ! Thank you!
I’ve attached a few examples below.

  1. Order: EXC-276390-1 / Request-ID: 610c3afc783216eba6617e3a
  2. Order: EXC-277276-1 / Request-ID: 610c3b3bb443e75ee66cbe49

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Hi @jessica !
In your parameter order _number, you are including the # in the string. The actual order number does not include the hashtag.
Instead of sending order_number: “#EXC-1111111
send order_number: “EXC-1111111” and that should solve it

Hi @Theresa !
I’m so sorry for the delay. It’s been so busy here.
We don’t use the hashtag. Could it be something else?
Does ShipHero change the partner ID on exchanges or keep the same ID as the original order?


The query in request-id 610c3afc783216eba6617e3a has the order number including the hash. I ran it as is and nothing was returned. When I removed the hash, the order fulfillment status showed with the other fields.

That’s strange. I just tested a different exchange order, and it doesn’t show any fulfillment status.
EXC-290945-1 / Request-ID: 61327bb4ab7b73d0533aa0af

oh, that is odd, this is the payload coming through on that request
I am guessing I will need another set of eyes on this. I will see if there is something I can find out.I will update you as I get more information.

Hi Theresa!

We got so busy here that I forgot to follow up with up. Were you guys able to find the problem?


Hello @Jessica!

I’m taking over this subject. Please allow me to go through everything that’s been discussed so far and I will have an answer for you soon.

Thank you for your patience!

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Hello @Jessica!

Could you share some newer examples?

Are you doing these calls manually or is there some sort of software in your backend doing them_

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