Inventory Age -

Hello Ship Hero community - I have been trying to create an analysis on the age of an inventory. In some reports from a competitor of ShipHero, they breakdown products’ units into different age ranges - e.g. 0-90 days, 91-180 days, 181-270, 271-365, and 365+ days, where age is how long the warehouse has held the unit for. This helps us do an analysis on what rates our inventory is rotating through the doors, following the first in first out policy.

I have been unable to find an equivalent to these data points in ShipHero’s graphql API. Is this available?

bumping this again due to its value to our organization. Thank you

Hi @statonjm!
I apologize I missed your previous post.
We don’t store that information, but would something like Lot Tracking work for you?

You will need to have Dynamic Slotting for that

This is also not available right now through the Public API, but if this works for you maybe I could log a Feature Request for the Lot to be added to the product query.

Thanks in advance!