Inventory snapshots: two fields needed


We would like to obtain two fields that are useful for us but not available in the generated inventory snapshots:

  • reorder_amount
  • reorder_level
  • name (of the product)

Could you consider adding them ?

Yes, thank you, Pierre. Do you have a use case for having this in the API (because it is in the UI) that I can present with the request?

Hi @Theresa,

We have many issues with the endpoint warehouse_products (like sorting: Warehouse products sort or the inability to get the total amount of items with the pagination system How do I get a count?).

To avoid doing cross calls (1 per product would be very heavy) we would require these fields to have a better view of the inventory.

ps: I added the name of the product which is also a must-have for us.

Thank you for the information. I will put this in for a feature request and update you here on the status when we get it. All three are available in the UI