Label Generation

I want to ask about a scenario. Basically we are using a delivery carrier that is not present in the supported carriers. The carrier says they won’t give the labels instead we have to print the labels. Is there a generic shipping label printing in shiphero so that we can print labels without registering a webhook?

Hi @mumerhasan!
Would a Generic Label work for you?
It is currently available on the UI as

  • Carrier

  • Shipping Method:

Thanks in advance!

Oh yeah, I just saw that. Thanks for timely reply. So that would mean we have to fetch orders via api and update fulfillment statuses of these orders from the carrier side. Is there a testing / sandbox option available?

Hi @mumerhasan!
Not sure I follow, but those Generic Labels will only work while using ShipHero app, but not fulfilling the order using the Public API.
Let me know if I got that wrong.
Thanks again!

Just to make sure, will I get those orders using the api’s get_orders function? or they are special?

Also confused about get_orders function in API ( The orders don’t contain the delivery time (due time of delivery). So how to pick and ship efficiently when this is the reason for using shiphero? Actually the client is also confused as the documentation and demos are not very easy to get. And there is no trial…so don’t mind

Hi @mumerhasan!
I apologize for the confusion, that API has been deprecated, we now have our documentation at

To be able to get order information you could use the Order query, we have a few examples of queries you could use here

For a sandbox account, you could reach us at and request it from our team

Let me know if I could explain better or there is anything else I could help with.
Thanks again!