Ship an order using the api's

Is there a way to ship an order using the given api’s? I want to ship an order automatically using the graphql api. My expectation is that this will generate the shipping label and mark the order as fulfilled. If this is not possible then is there a way to generate the shipping labels using shiphero api’s. I see that we can create a shipment but we will have to generate shipping labels ourselves.

Thanks in advance

Hi @siddharth_singh
As you mentioned, right now you are only able to send a specific label (generated outside of ShipHero) on the fields:


And you could fulfill the order as well using the API, but not generate a label.

Is there a particular reason you are not shipping the order in ShipHero? (Using the web app)
Are you looking to create a generic label or a label for a specific carrier (UPS/Fedex…) ?

yes, their are some orders which I want to fulfill using a scheduler. I want the scheduler to automatically generate the labels and fufull them so that the warehouse team can just print them.