Not able to fetch Order's warehouse location in query

Hey everyone!

I am using graphql API to fetch orders and trying to fetch warehouse location along with that.

I am able to fetch the warehouse id and it’s name under and shipments.warehouse_id but not able to find the location, that is being displayed in Shiphero’s fulfilment centre UI. (I am able to fetch this) is ‘Shiphero Fulfilment - Pensylvania’

shipments.edges.node.warehouse_obj.sf_warehouse.location (I am unable to fetch) is ‘Shiphero Allentown’

can anyone help me with this.

Hey @capabl-ardent,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to our Developer Community!
Would you mind sharing the request_id returned here, so I could take a deeper look into this?


I missed that for the previous requests but requested again, here is the request id: 63c7f19babc798a1207c2d12.

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Hey @capabl-ardent,

Thanks for hanging in there!

I don’t believe that is a queryable field. I am unable to find it within our schema. Would using the shipments.warehouse.identifier. like you have been work for you? Or rather what’s the use case for that node?

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


No worries at all!

Basically for warehouse’s orders we are getting different but for warehouse.identifier it is “Primary”
And in shiphero’s fulfilment centre dashboard, the warehouse name is different then

The warehouse name being shown in ShipHero’s UI is under that field that I am trying to query (as shown in the picture in 1st message of the thread).

From where can I get that field’s data from public query fields?