Order_update_line_items doesn't update the subtotal and the total amount

When using the order_update_line_items mutation the subtotal and the total of the order doesn’t gets updated. Also the order history log doesn’t show a valid message as well. Example order - https://app.shiphero.com/dashboard/orders/details/111555269
as you can see in the order history the their is just a blank message and also the subtotal and total need to change accordingly.

Hi @siddharth_singh !
Do you have the request_id for when you made this request?
Or the mutation you are using, that way I can try and reproduce the same behavior.
I did notice the blank message when doing this but want to make sure that the other is not a mutation error.
I tried updating the line item’s price and it did change the subtotal/total.
Let me know if you get the request_id or the mutation,