"Published in store" subfield for Products

Is it possible to see if a sku is published in a store like you can in the webapp? We are compiling a list of all unpublished skus in our warehouse.


Hi JFurr !
We currently have this pending feature request:
Get products from a specific store, that would be something like this
Input: Store
Output: List of products(SKUs)

Would that also work for this purpose?

(Reference: Access to Back Order QTY & Store from product query )

Hey Tomas,
I don’t think this will work. Maybe a boolean field for “Published” in the same query would accomplish this.

Hi JFurr!
Thanks for clarifying. I will have to check with the engineering team about the cost of it, to check if we could do the following:

For a specific SKU, to be able to see in which store/stores is published

I will let you know when I get a response about it.

Hi Tomas,
Following up on this.


Hi @JFurr
I just checked on the status of this request and is still pending. I’ve already flagged the request so it’s worked on next.
I apologize for the waiting and I will provide an update ASAP.