Purchase Order - vendor id - Unexpected Error 22

When I try to query vendor info via purchase_order query command, following the doc: https://developer.shiphero.com/examples-query/#purchaseorder, the Unexpected Error 22 comes out:

Exception: {‘message’: ‘Unexpected Error’, ‘operation’: ‘purchase_order’, ‘field’: ‘id’, ‘request_id’: '5f5007437ea00634
277b737a’, ‘code’: 22}

As I remove id attribute from vendor node, the query works.

Does it mean id under vendor node is not supported at present?

Hi @Jarvis!
I apologize for the delayed response to this.
It seems like there is no vendor for that PO and the SKU doesn’t exist in the account, that is why it is returning the error.
I logged a request for the error to be something more accurate, my apologies for this.
This seems to be an old order, but is this something recurrent?
Thanks in advance!