Refresh Token request returning 401 Unauthorized

We have been using GraphQL ShipHero workflow everyday for the last 2 years.
Everyday, the workflow is automatically ran, and the first step is to refresh the token.

However, today the refresh token request failed, with a 401 Unauthorized error. I don’t believe the token is expired yet, as it just refreshed yesterday. I have attempted to refresh a handful of times, but with the same response. Can anybody shed some light on why this failed?

Hi @statonjm, I spoke with engineering and you may have to create a new token.

Thanks, I created a new token and it seems to work now! :grinning:
Just wondering - is this something that we have to do every year or two? Anything I can plan for?
or was this just a one off situation, which shouldn’t happen normally?

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Good to hear. This seems to be a one-off situation. The refresh does not expire, and this should not happen again. If, however, it does create a new token and it will get you rolling again.

I will keep this in mind moving forward, thank you!

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