Refund Line item status didn't change after completing


I created a refund of one of the line items of an order, Its RMA number gets generated, and return status is still pending.

Then I again completed this return using API and its status changed to “complete” that makes sense, Ok, but When I checked the order line item it’s status is still showing “fulfilled”, why it is that, shouldn’t it be changed to “returned” or something else from “fulfilled”

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

Hi @khungersumit
So orders will work separately, this is:
When you create a return the order still shows as fulfilled, and won’t be impacted by a return.
If you would like to re-ship the same order you will need to re-ship it.
You could also create an exchange order instead, which will be another order apart from the one already fulfilled.
Let me know if this is not what you were looking for, or I can explain better.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @tomasw
Thanks for replying

So that means even after returning (Assume I am returning a fulfilled order) an order and its line items, Order status and its line items status will remain “fulfilled”.

Please correct me If I understood something wrong! :slight_smile:

That is correct @khungersumit!
The order will continue to show as fulfilled after a return is created or even completed.

On the other hand, you will always be returning a fulfilled order because to be able to create a return it must be fulfilled first, otherwise the app will not allow you to return something you haven’t shipped.

So the steps are something like this:

  1. You fulfill an order
  2. You create a return
  3. You receive the items back

But after 1, the original order will remain fulfilled with anything that happens to the return, they will be handled differently

Ok Thanks @tomasw :+1:t2: