Sending queries for multiple values

I saw 2 following posts but

I didn’t see a new

Is this feature available?


Which query do you recommend for maximum performance?

I don’t want to get query one by one

Hi @hmztsc, welcome!
What is the information that you will be querying?

Hi Everbody !

partner order id and tracking number in orders

This will give you both in one query:

query {
  orders(order_number: "XX ordernumber here XX") {
    data {
      edges {
        node {
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Thank you for your attention but
I need it for multiple products
at once

You originally asked about partner order id and tracking numbers. Those would be on the order level. What information would you be looking for on the product level?

Please review the links I quoted in the first message I sent.

Ah, thank you. The question is if we can add multiples of the same parameter, in one query. The short answer is not right now, but I can check if that is something we will implement.