Ship Hero API limits

We run queries that require 2000 credits to execute. Upon receiving an error message asking us to wait a certain amount of time, we pause the program and only run the query after that amount of time + 1 second has passed. Until the 23rd of November, it was running just fine but since the 23rd, our credits do not seem to be replenished as expected. The query below asks us to wait 0:01:02 minutes before retrying, and the cost of the query is 1 credit, but upon re-trying after a minute somehow the credits remaining is even lower than before despite not running the query. Can you please help us figure out why this has suddenly started happening?

query {
  packs_per_day(date_from:"2023-10-26T18:00:17" date_to:"2023-10-26T20:00:17") {
    data (first: 2000) {
      pageInfo {
      edges {
        node {


Hey @Gabriella,

Thanks for reaching out!
Can you provide request ids and if possible timestamps for the queries you’ve mentioned?

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.