Track_inventory param in GraphQL api

Hi There,

I just want to check if track_inventory param that is available in REST is also available in GraphQL API to enable/disable inventory tracking on specific products in shiphero. Please let me know.


Hi @gopi!
That field is no available on the GraphQL API, but it doesn’t seem to be working for the Rest API either.
Are you trying to disable inventory tracking for a specific store?
In that case it will need to be done on the product detail page and on the specific store you want to enable it for.
Let me know if that still doesn’t answer the question

Hi @tomasw,

having api option to disable inventory tracking on certain products is very crucial to us. We don’t want to disable inventory tracking on a store but rather we want to disable on few products in a store. it very concerning to know that track_inventory is not available/working in REST either. Any idea when this API parameter will be available and id it will be available?

Thank you

Hi @gopi
So you would need to Enable/Disable inventory for a Product in a specific store, through the Public API. Is that correct?

Something like this button does on the UI of the Product Detail Page:

If that is correct then I will post a Feature Request for this to be added to the GraphQL API.
Thanks again!