Update quantity_shipped field on line item

I need to update the quantity_shipped field on LineItem, but that field doesn’t exist in UpdateLineItemInput. Is there another way we can change the quantity_shipped field on a LineItem, or can we please get that functionality added?

Thank you!

Hi Stella!

Not a ShipHero dev myself, but my assumption is that their intended behavior is to calculate this field based upon shipments data. You could create new shipments if you’re looking increase the value, or hopefully edit existing shipments if that’s preferred?

Hoping this is helpful!

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Thanks for the response. I have tried creating a shipment with the order_id, line_items and then the line_item_id and quantity in ShipmentLineItem, but I still have seen no change in the quantity_shipped field on LineItems in the order.

Is there anyone else who can assist?

Hi @stella
I apologize for the delay in the response. What @originsid said is correct (thanks for that!), that number should come from the shipments the order has.

However, as you may have noticed, creating a shipment might not be working as expected, so I’ve already engaged the engineering team to take a look at this.
I will provide an update ASAP

@tomasw - Can we rely on this to be fixed 1st thing next week? We need to go live with our integration ASAP.

quantity_shipped is for quantities shipped in ShipHero. It is not accessible via the API.
Create_shipment doesn’t replicate shipping in ShipHero. It is a way to add shipment info for shipments made off ShipHero either in another warehouse or before ShipHero was implemented. It doesn’t remove stock and doesn’t increment quantity shipped.

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Hi @aaronrubin,

So you are saying there is no way to mimic a “Shipment” via API (neither GraphQL nor REST) as you would be able to execute it from the Shiphero UI?

We are using the Shiphero Shopify app, and these manual create_shipments are not flowing back up into Shopify (presumably because the stock and quantity_shipped are not being updated). So while the line items display as “fulfilled” within Shiphero’s UI, the Shopify line items are never marked as “fulfilled” as they normally would be when creating shipment in the Shiphero UI.

Do you have any insight here?

@tomasw do you know what we need to change via API in order for an updated order/line_item fulfillment status to reflect back in Shopify via the Shiphero connected app? It seems to be more than the line item’s fulfillment_status.


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Hey all, simplifying the question:
Can we submit shipments via API (REST or GraphQL) such that the fulfillment status is carried back to Shopify via the Shiphero connected app?

It seems like the answer is no. That only changes triggered from the Shiphero UI will be synced back to Shopify.

Can anyone provide clarification?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @jon,

Not a ShipHero Dev myself, and we’re using the BigCommerce platform, but I think you may be correct that there’s not currently a way to mimic a ShipHero shipment via API.

For our purposes, we would likely push the shipment to ShipHero via GraphQL, and then also push the shipment to BigCommerce via GraphQL (conveniently they also use GraphQL).

It’s an extra step, but not terrible.

The part that @aaronrubin brought to light for us is that quantity_shipped cannot be affected via API, and that stock is not removed when Create_shipment is used.

By the sounds of it, we would want to:

  1. create shipment in ShipHero
  2. adjust inventory for shipped products in ShipHero
  3. create shipment in the store
  4. update line items for the order in ShipHero? (I really don’t know the best way to get those line items to show correct quantity_pending_fulfillment values and have correct fulfillment_status values).
  5. update the order itself in ShipHero? (I’m not sure whether the order status would automatically update to Fulfilled status once all line items are fulfilled)

It’s not really an answer to anything, but I’m hoping this adds to the discussion.

Happy Coding!


You can post fulfillments that will update Shopify. Right now fulfillments made via the API update Shopify but take up to a few hours to do so and are not 100% reliable. There is a change being deployed in the first half of next week to make them push to Shopify in real time and reliably. The change does not affect the other functionality of the endpoint.

Pushing tracking to channels for orders shipped off ShipHero should be fast going forward.

I’m having similar issues, hopefully you can help @aaronrubin

The Shopify store does not seem to be updating when I call shipment_create (Here’s my mutation request id: 5ee3f697cad4a8b189e5ec37)


Note that it shows “Updated Store With Shipment Data? No” and the Shipped By: is missing “Not shipped via ShipHero”

The response to my request also shows
shipped_off_shiphero: false
Is there something I need to do to set in my mutation call to change this?

Also noticed a strange thing… The date at the top (6/12/2020 05:48 PM in screenshot above) is not really the time of the shipment. It is the time that I load the order page in ShipHero. So if whenever I visit or reload that page it changes to the current time.

Please help!

Hi @Mike
Thank you very much for those details, I was able to reproduce it.
I will need to engage our engineering team about this on Monday.
We will let you know as soon asap
Thanks again!

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Thanks so much for looking into this.

Do you have any update from the engineering team yet?

Hi @Mike
Our engineering team was able to take a look at it and should be working now.
I also did a manual push for that order you mentioned as an example.
I also tested it on my account and it should be working fine now.
Have you noticed any other new cases?
Thanks again!

As for the Shipped By: & date issue, that is still being worked on.
I will let you know when we have updates about that as well

Thanks very much for your update! Glad to see your team promptly addressing these issues. Such improvements will make ShipHero more useful for us and hopefully many other clients.

Here’s some additional feedback while on this subject. When we fulfill individual items in an order via API calls:

  1. Associated ‘KIT’ does not reflect the ‘fulfilled’ status
  2. The parent ORDER status does not change to ‘fulfilled’ when all items in the order are fulfilled
  3. Quantity ‘PENDING FULFILLMENT’ doesn’t update for the line item
  4. Quantity ‘SHIPPED’ is still 0 for the line item

Please see highlighted areas in screenshot below.

Order status not included in the above screenshot. The ORDER status is NOT showing fulfilled even though everything in the order was fulfilled. Not sure if that will resolve itself or not when the item-level actions are addressed.

Associated request ID for mutation create_shipment:
We used this to create the shipment / tracking event.

Associated request ID for mutation order_update_line_items:
We used this to change the status for the item to fulfilled.

Thanks again for your great work and help with the troubleshooting!

Hi @Mike
Thanks for that!

As for those questions:

  1. That is because the Kit is a Build Kit, which means that in the UI the status is Break_into_components, displaying all of the items separately, each one with its fulfillment status (let me know if you need more info about this)
  2. For this kind of Kits, the Quantity ‘PENDING FULFILLMENT’ will be displayed on each of the Kit’s component instead of the Kit
  3. For Quantity ‘SHIPPED’ is still 0 for the line item, that is because fulfillments created “outside” of ShipHero app (stores, Public API) they don’t count as Shipped. You can still deduct inventory, but that field is only for shipments created within ShipHero App (Mobile or Desktop)

As for the Status not changed, that is because if you want to make fulfillments “outside” ShipHero using the Public API, there will be 3 steps needed:

  1. Create a shipment (shipment_create MUTATION)
  2. Change Fulfillment status (order_update_fulfillment_status MUTATION)*
  3. Remove inventory (inventory_remove MUTATION)

*here you can do it by item or you can fulfill the entire order at once, whatever works best for you.

Let me know if you still have questions about this or I can explain better.
Thanks again!

Was there some sort of change made recently (over the weekend?) that might be causing the stores to no longer update?

See below. The “Updated store with shimpent data?” is now stuck as ‘no.’ Previously this field was updating to ‘yes’ within a few minutes:


Hi @Mike!
Do you happen to have the order id so we can investigate further?
Thanks in advance!