"updated_from & updated_to" Order's filters not working correctly


I had some orders which have dates of last month.
I updated some orders today( updated/cancelled…etc)
Now I tried to fetch the orders only of last 2 days(I know there are only 10-12 orders which have been modified by me)

I used filters updated_from: “2020-11-04”, updated_to: “2020-11-06” but the API is still giving orders of last month! shouldn’t it return orders only which modified in the above timestamps?

This is causing some serious issue here because of Throttling time, I have to wait for long time, I only want to fetch order which has been modified

Can you please tell me what is the good solution here to fetch exact those orders which I want to (using my timestamps)

Please take a look at my requests

Thanks in advance! :blush:

Hi @khungersumit!
Is there any chance you could paste the request_id?

In case it helps, it looks like the filter says updated from, and you are comparing it to the order date

So if the order got created at 2020-10-04 but then some update is made on 2020-11-04 it will appear on the query search.

Let me know if that doesn’t help or there is anything I might be missing here.
Thanks in advance!