Vendor_id and product_id in purchase_orders query results

I am running this query:
{purchase_orders(created_from:“2021-03-01”) {request_id complexity data(sort:“created_at” first:1 ){pageInfo{hasNextPage endCursor} edges{node{id po_number created_at date_closed po_date arrived_at packing_note fulfillment_status po_note partner_order_number shipping_method tracking_number line_items(first:10 ){pageInfo{hasNextPage,endCursor} edges{node {product_id id vendor_id price quantity quantity_received quantity_rejected fulfillment_status sku vendor_sku product_name note created_at updated_at}}}}}}}}

Here is a snapshot of the results:
“node”: {
“product_id”: “349991821”,
“id”: “UHVyY2hhc2VPcmRlckxpbmVJdGVtOjkxOTczMDE=”,
“vendor_id”: “387908”,
“price”: “141.00”,
“quantity”: 3,
“quantity_received”: 0,
“quantity_rejected”: 0,
“fulfillment_status”: “pending”,
“sku”: “SMCBCK NATU 8”,
“vendor_sku”: “”,
“product_name”: “Oak Street Chromepak Slip Moc Natural / 8”,
“note”: “”,
“created_at”: “2021-03-04T13:56:44”,
“updated_at”: null

Why are the “prioduct_id” and “vendor_id” returned as integers? They used to be returned as strings like: UHJvZHVjdDozMTYyNjg3MjM=

When did this change? Is this a bug?

Hi @bbarrett !
Our apologies for that! we made a change that might have impacted this.
We are currently working on getting it to be a UUID again

At the moment is an INT, which is the Base64 decoded version of the UUID you saw before
We will let you know once this is fixed.
Thanks for the patience and we apologize for the inconvenience!

Hi @bbarrett!
ID should be back to UUID by now.
Thanks again for the patience while we reverted this!