Wrong weight on product_create

I am having an issue with weight on the product_create mutation.
My account is set in kg, and I send the weight in kg (such as 0.1);
however, when I look at the product which has been created on Shiphero, I see that the weight has been automatically converted to oz.
The odd thing is that when I then launch a product_update mutation and send the same weight again, it is correctly updated to the value in kg.
Any ideas as to what I can do to fix this?


Hi again, would it be possible to have an update on this? Thank you!

Hi @Csraspini!
I apologize for the delayed response about this.

Do you happen to have a request_id of a product example?


Input dimensions are considered to be in the account’s settings unit unless specified by the field name like weight_in_lbs
Output dimensions will always be in the account’s settings unit unless specified by the field name like weight_in_lbs

If you are seeing them in Oz on the UI then they might be set as Oz at the account level, but with that request_id I will be able to confirm with a more detailed explanation.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @tomasw, thank you for your reply.

Here is the request_id: 5fdb6caa5b7621275dd0ee8a

As far as I know, my account is set in KG.
The odd thing is that this only occurs on product_create…
When I send the same weight over in product_update, it comes through correct (no longer in OZ).

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


Thanks for that information @Csraspini!
I see what you mean, it is not properly setting the weight. We have already sent this to our engineers to be able to fix it.
A possible workaround would be to set the weight using the product_update in the meantime.
Thanks for the patience while we work on this and reporting it!

Thank you for the update and for passing this on to your engineers. We are still in testing, but yes, in the meantime I will indeed use product_update to set the correct weight.

I look forward to hearing from you again.
Thank you!

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Hi! Are there any updates on this?

Hi @Csraspini!
I apologize for the delayed update. We have not been able to deploy a fix for this yet, but it should be picked up by an engineer in the next few days.
I just raised the priority and asked the engineering team.
I will let you know as soon as I get a response back.
Thanks again for the patience!

Hi @Csraspini!
This should be fixed by now. I apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience while we worked on this.
Thanks again!

thank you! i will test again and let you know!

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