Account_id in inventory_changes result

I need to get the account details for each inventory_change using a 3PL account.

I am running this query using a 3PL parent API key to first get all the accounts.

{ account { request_id complexity data { customers { edges { node { id warehouses { company_alias } } } } } } }

I then run this query using the same 3PL parent API key to get inventory_changes:

{ inventory_changes(date_from:“2021-04-05”){ request_id complexity data(first: 25 ){ pageInfo{ hasNextPage endCursor} edges{ node {location_id user_id account_id warehouse_id sku previous_on_hand change_in_on_hand reason location {name} created_at} } } } }

I am getting “inventory_changes” returned with “account_id” values that do not exist in the previous “account” query result.

What exactly does the “account_id” represent in the “inventory_changes” result? Why am I not getting this account returned in the “accounts” query?

Is there a better way to get account details joined with inventory_changes?

Hi @bbarrett!
That might be because one of them might be the UUID and the other the Legacy ID

If you try getting the Lecagy ID with:

query {
  account {
    data {
      customers {
        edges {
          node {
            warehouses {

Does it match both of them?
Thanks in advance!