Get 3PL Customer name for Sku/Inventory Adjustments?

I’m pulling inventory_changes results using warehouse and time filters. I need the 3PL Customer name associated with each sku in result - how can I extract that?

In case the above query has no way of giving that info, a product(sku) query run on each result would work? (it’s a much longer alternative, but I’m willing to use this if the first approach won’t help)

Could you pls post a sample query with your answer?

Many thanks!

Hello @Raj!

If you are connected as a 3PL and want to use that filter to get inventory_changes for specific customer accounts, you could add the filter customer_account_id and get the updates for each of them separately.

To get the customer_account_ids, you can use the following query:


Currently, inventory_changes is returning the account_id of the 3PL, but the filter works correctly. I already forwarded that issue to our EN team, and they are working on it.

The account name is not returned in either of those queries. We use the email used to register it for reference. You can get that in the query I shared.

Please let me know if this helps you.

Kind regards,

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Thank you @tomasfd , you da man!!
The filter worked beautifully, and I love that it accepts legacy_id as I already keep record of it for the clients I’m using this for :smiley:

Hello @Raj!

Always happy to help!

FYI, all id filters should work with id just as legacy_id. Have you come across one that doesn’t?


Oh okay, thanks @tomasfd … No I don’t recall coming across any such case. I guess I was just happy I wouldn’t have to deal with another type of id per account haha

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