Adding a previously deleted product not working


I am creating products using the API and doing a lot of tests so I deleted a product on my dashboard (actually used bulk delete to delete evrything and have a clean DB) and then tried to create a new one using a mutation with the same SKU (basically, the same product) but the product is not being craeted and i only get this error:

                "message": "Unexpected Error",
                "operation": "product_create",
                "field": "product_create",
                "request_id": "5de560544314c8e9752ebd02",
                "code": 22

so i decided to use a delete mutation to delete the product (thinking it may be still there but not show on the dashboard) and i get the following error too:

            "message": "Unexpected Error",
            "operation": "product_delete",
            "field": "product_delete",
            "request_id": "5de5615e9b9ec472f3e7598f",
            "code": 22

So i created a new product with a new SKU and then tried to delete it with a mutation, but it also returns the same error.

This is the delete mutation:

mutation {
              data: { 
                  sku: '123woodenchair'
            ) {

Can we get a fix for this?

Hi @luispora
Thanks for catching this!. A fix for this mutation will be available soon.
I will let you know as soon as it gets fixed.
Thanks again!

HI @luispora
This should be resolved by now, the product_delete mutation should be working as expected.
Thanks for the patience!

Thank you @tomasw, will test it and keep in touch