Allow Split with Bulk Edit

We have multiple warehouses, and Allow Partial doesn’t allow orders to be ready to ship unless we also check Allow Split.

To ease this pain point, and likely other use cases where it would be helpful:

Could we get setting “Allow Split” value to be available when bulk editing orders?

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Hi @originsid!
The request would be to be able to change the setting via Public API or in the app?
It should be available both in order_create mutation and order_update mutations but let me know if this wasn’t what you needed or I could help by posting an example
Thanks in advance!

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Hey @tomasw!

That’s great to hear we can set these values with the API, that’s our backup plan is to get some sort of routine in place that automatically sets “Allow Split” whenever we detect an order was set to “Allow Partial”.

The feature request is for the shipping web dashboard, right now when our shippers are managing orders they can filter for the orders that they want to allow partial ship, and bulk edit to allow them all to partial ship, but they still need to individually edit each order to allow split.

If this feature request shouldn’t have been posted here because it’s not API related then I apologize. I know it’s already in the queue of feature requests but I thought it would be helpful to post it here and see if other members of the community have the same problem or any better workarounds than we’ve found.

I appreciate your help!


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