Split Ship / Multi Box via API

Our orders generally require multiple boxes. We ship a relatively small number of items (under 50), but the splitting of our items into boxes is fairly complex.

I have written a rules based algo that does a wonderful job automating this. It takes an order’s line items, and outputs an array of packages with item/quantity, box size, and weight.

I am struggling to find a shipping platform that I can integrate this with. I’ve partially built my own system, but would rather not do the upkeep work.

Is this possible with the ShipHero api?

Ideal flow would be webhook on new order, I retrieve and split, then the shipments get processed by my team.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @danielmullaly!

We have some workflows in place using our API that you can use to fulfill orders.

Of those, 2 will allow you to set the package structure and forward it to us.

I assume you’re still not a customer. Would you like me to get you in contact with someone from our sales team?

Have a nice day!

Would love to learn more about the workflows. Correct not a customer yet. Please feel free to reach out!