API to access Picker Report or Picked Items Amount?

Is it possible to use the API to access the amount of items a specific Picker picked?

I.e. on a weekly basis get how many items they picked for that week etc? We want to do this for performance evaluations on an automated basis.

Yup! There is a “picks_per_day” query you can access. You give it a date/time range, and it will return everything in that range. You can’t filter by user, but you can filter once you have your results in hand.

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Thanks, looks great but is there anyway to just get the Total amount a user picked (i.e. “2,000” picked in the week). Similar to the Picker Report in ShipHero itself. I’m trying to use the picks_per_day but it seems like it would get every item 1 by 1 which will use up the credits and therefore not work if I’m trying to create an overall weekly summary of how many picks they did in total.

Unfortunately, yes, it’s a 1 by 1 export. You would need to do the summarizing yourself.

As for the credits, you’ll just need to add pauses between query calls so that you don’t run short. For me, when I run it, when I run into the query limit, I take the error message that comes back, which contains the amount of time until I have the proper number of credits, and set a timer to run the query again after that time. It’s usually somewhere around 7 seconds.