"picks_per_day" returning empty records


I have created shipments of a few orders and their line items.

I tried to fetch the shipped line item “picks_per_day” using date timestamps, but it is always returning empty record,
As you can see in the attached screenshot.

No Idea why is that.
Please help

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @khungersumit
It appears to be that the account doesn’t have any picks yet for those test orders.

To be able to do that you will need to use the Mobile app and select Multi-Item Batch Pick or Singe-Item Batch Pick and pick some items into totes.

For more information this might be useful:

That way you could generate the data and then the picks_per_day should return information when using it.

Also, you might need to generate some totes to do the picking at https://app.shiphero.com/dashboard/totes (check https://help.shiphero.com/knowledgeBase/10190924 for more info on how to do this)

Let me know if this doesn’t help or I could explain better.
Thanks in advance!

Ok Instead of doing all these. (This seems to be complex for me and not good way)

Here is what I am looking for.

I Just need to check which line items have been shipped (how many Quantities) , so that I can update it at my end. I will be running an Azure function here and it will fetch all the updated orders and their line items, Then I need to decide which items are shipped or not.

what could be better option here ?

I also checked there is a field “quantity_shipped” Can I use this one, right now this is giving 0 because shipped some orders using API not through APP?

Hi @khungersumit!
In that case, you can use the following fields:

  • quantity
  • quantity_pending_fulfilment

And with that fields get the quantity that is pending to fulfill, and assume that the rest have been fulfilled outside of ShipHero or Manually fulfilled

So my solution to know fulfilled Quantity should be

quantityFulfilled = quantity - quantity_pending_fulfilment;

Correct @tomasw ? :slight_smile:

Or it could be Canceled @khungersumit, but if that is the case you will know by checking the Line Item Status as well