Configuring Webhooks

I am trying to configure the shipment update webhook which will update the tracking details on our side once an order is shipped. For that, I created a POST Webhook - “” and registered it using your given register API.
I then checked whether the API is registered or not and it showed that it’s registered. I got the following response -

“Message”: “success”,
“code”: “200”,
“webhooks”: [
“url”: “”,
“source”: “api”,
“name”: “Shipment Update”
But when I ship an order I am not getting the shipment details. For example I shipped the order number 1290051 and it shows
Could you help me with this?

Thank you
Siddharth Singh

The webhook needs to be registered on the client account - not the 3pl account. Try registering it there and see if it woks.

This worked yosef thanks