Continued Issues with Woo and ShipHero

Can someone provide some contact to ShipHero developers? We have a project that we can really use some help with.

Hello @alortiz3

Thanks for reaching out!

What is it exactly you need help with?

Kind regards,

Thank you for your response. Here is an overall picture of what we have, and what we would like to accomplish.

We have an eCommerce site running WooCommerce. We have several warehouses that house our products. We are using the Multiwarehouse plugin from MyWorks. We also have a custom PO field in WooCommerce that was created with the CheckOut field editor plugin. We are connecting to ShipHero via API and it is bringing in ALL the products regardless of the warehouse. We had to duplicate the PO into the Order notes in order for Shiphero to pick it up. Since ShipHero is not able to ID the order properly, it is not updating our inventory.

What we would like to do is to have ShipHero pick up just a specific warehouse (warehouse_id field), pick up the PO Number (po_number field), and update our inventory accordingly. Right now it is not doing any of that and according to ShipHero documentation all it is possible.

Please know that we do not have anyone in-house that can do any programming on the ShipHero end. If we were to get any type of scripting implemented onto ShipHero we would need step by step instructions which is why we are looking for a consultant/developer.

Thank you!