Create and print shipping label for orders

Hi Team,

Once I create my orders through GraphQL APIs, How can we create and print the shipping labels for them in ShipHero App. It would be better if you suggest some examples or links regarding this issue along with some screenshots if possible.

Thank You


To add more to this, we’re using a test 3PL account to test our APIs integration. Is it beacuse of test account ?

Hi @darshan!
You should be able to ship the order by going into the app →
Selecting the order, packing the items, setting the package dimensions, and the click on the Print Label button
Test account should work like the rest of the regular accounts :slightly_smiling_face:
Let me know if that doesn’t help

Hi @tomasw

While Creating an order via API, can we send some reference numbers for the shipping label? So When the label gets to print, the reference number also get included in the Shipping Label

Hi @tomasw

Just checking if you’ve any updates?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @darshan!
No, unfortunately, the only fields included on the label are the ones referenced to the From and To address and the order number on the Shipping Label
Thanks again!

is there any plan to implement ability to include reference numbers on labels? nearly all other shipping software providers have this facility. tia