Create order return with inventory to locations

I am trying to create the return for orders via the API. create return mutation is working fine but i have an issue that i cant make it to return the inventory back to the system at the specified bins.
For example we have location (bin) and we want the return for specific item in the order created for that specific bin. Could not find a way to achieve this via API. Any help would be really appreciated.

Hello @saif_storage,

You could add inventory to a bin using the API. However, returns cannot be updated from the API, so you wouldn’t be able to tell how much was received. The best way to process returns after creation is in our UI.

Have a nice day!

Could you send me the link please to Change the inventory?
Also it would be great to know if we can increase the inventory by some numbers like adding 5 to the current available inventory… is this possible?

Hello @saif_storage! I checked your account and see you have Dynamic Slottin activated. Here are examples of how to manage inventory when having Dynamic Slotting: Inventory-DS – Developer Resources | ShipHero

You can also find those mutations in our schema for more details: Schema – Developer Resources | ShipHero

As a 3PL, you must also pass the customer_account_id in your calls.

Have a nice day!