Returns questions

Hello there, I am looking into creating returns via API.
I started out by testing within Shiphero (without API) and I have a few questions…

  1. I see that it is possible to set up shipping carriers for returns, so I attempted to set up on of my API carriers to test… however it doesn’t seem to show up in the options for carriers when I create a return. If I send over the carrier data via the return_create mutation, will that work even if the carrier isn’t working on the Shiphero end? I am attaching two screenshots of what I mean… I attempted to set up API Fedex, but it doesn’t show when creating a return. Can I still use this via the return_create mutation?

Schermata 2021-07-12 alle 14.31.51

  1. When creating a label, the return address is automatically set to the warehouse selected for the return, which makes sense. However, in our specific case, certain returns are sent to local hubs (for example, all of our UK orders are returned to the UK even if we don’t have a warehouse there). Is there any way to specify a different return address without creating warehouses for these locations? They are not really warehouses, so I wanted to avoid creating them.

  2. When you create an exchange order, there is a checkbox which states: “Do not allocate product to exchange order, until exchange order is manually released to ship”. This also makes sense. However, in our specific case, we make our items to order… thus we usually start producing the new items even before the return is received and inspected. The issue is that, by selecting this checkbox, the items do not go into the backorder state and are not included in any PO until the exchange is manually released. If we don’t check the box, the order does become backordered and is included in a PO, but when the item arrives, it becomes “Ready to Ship: yes” even before the exchange is manually released. Is there any way to included exchange orders in POs even if the checkbox is checked?

Thank you!

hello! is there any update on this? thank you!

Thank you for the heads up! I will update shortly.

1.In the return_create mutation, there is data fields for both the shipping_carrier and the shipping_method. If you enter the API carrier that you have setup, it will show up as the Return Package Label Carrier on the RMA. I was not able to have the label printed tho. I am still looking into this to see if there was a flaw in my testing.
2. The return addresses are pulled from the default warehouse profile. So, you may, yes, have to create a warehouse with the default profile of the address you need it returned to.
3. This is an interesting dilemma. The one thing that I would consider is to have the items allocate to the exchange order, and put an operator hold on the order. Would that work for your needs?

Hi Theresa,
Thank you for your reply.
I look forward to hearing about the API label, thank you.
As for the rest, this all makes sense.

I do have another question…
When shipping an exchange, it seems that the return does not automatically get flagged as complete. Have I made a mistake when testing? Is there any way to complete the return automatically when the exchange is shipped? Or does someone need to manually change the status?

I spoke with a colleague and there is a request that is active in engineering for API carriers to show up in the UI for creating a return. I also got a request for your RMA mutation request-id. Can you please post the request-id?

In your exchange order question, do you mean the order does not complete when it is shipped or the RMA does not get set as complete when the exchange order is sent?

Hi there!
I don’t have a request id because I made the first tests directly through the Shiphero dashboard, as shown in the screenshot I sent with my previous message. I will test this via graph soon and let you know.

As regards the exchange, the exchange order gets fulfilled as usual, however the RMA doesn’t get set as complete. Is there any way around this?

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You are correct in that the RMA will not automatically mark as complete when the exchange order is sent. It would make sense in that receiving the returned product, restocking, refunding, and sending the exchange are all separate pieces of the returns process. With different warehouse procedures, the shipment of the exchange may not always signify that an RMA is complete. There really is no way around that, you would need to review the RMA and manually mark it as complete