CreateProductInput.value decimal format

Hi, We are working on wrapping up a migration from the Legacy REST API to GraphQL. Found an interesting validation on the value of the input CreateProductInput. Through testing we found that we are not able to supply it a value of 10000.00 it comes back with the following message.

 "Field 'CreateProductRequest.value' has invalid string defining a decimal format like '4,2'"

In further testing we can set the product’s value to 10000 in the shiphero web app.

Although the validation handler comes back with decimal format of 4,2 we are able to successfully push a value of 100.00.

What is the actual limit of the value field? All I am seeing from the docs is that it is a String input type and there doesn’t appear to be a description describing the limitation.


Hi @kstolte
Thanks for catching this!
It seems like the upper limit validation is not properly set.
We submitted a ticket for engineers to fix this, in the meantime it will need to be changed on the UI unfortunately
I will let you know as soon as I have an update about it.
Thanks again!

Ok. what is the normal turn around time for something like this?

I don’t have an estimate ETA but I will try and see if I could include it on the scope of our next tasks regarding the Public API.
I will let you know as soon as I have any kind of update about it.
Thanks again!