Product_create return erros

We call product_create Return:

            "message":"SF customers cannot create products in 3PL warehouses",


request body :

    "query":"mutation{product_create(data:{name:\"Test-Create-Product-Fail-Default Title\",sku:\"Test-Create-Product-Fail\",warehouse_products:{warehouse_id:\"V2FyZWhvdXNlOjIyNjM=\",on_hand:0,inventory_bin:\"\",reserve_inventory:0,replenishment_level:0,reorder_level:0,reorder_amount:0,custom:false,price:\"0.89\",value:\"0.89\",value_currency:\"USD\"},barcode:\"\",dimensions:{weight:\"0\",height:\"0\",width:\"0\",length:\"0\"},kit:false,kit_build:false,no_air:false,final_sale:false,customs_value:\"0.0\",customs_description:\"\",not_owned:true,dropship:false,images:[ ]}){request_id complexity product{ id sku }}}"

Hey @zhenhubhqy,

Thanks for reaching out!

ShipHero Fulfillment customers aren’t able to directly create products in the SF-owned warehouses. The product must be made in one of your warehouses first and then will automatically be created in the SF warehouse.

In your case I believe using Warehouse ID # 59513 would work.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Thanks for your reply!
I have another question and I hope you can help me:
Previously, warehouse 2263 could be used to create products.
Is there any setting to change the 2263 warehouse that we have been using for our product creation to SF owned warehouses?

The product must first be produced in one of your warehouses, and then it will be automatically created in SF warehouse. How long does it take to automatically create in the SF warehouse?

Hello @zhenhubhqy

Once you create products in your warehouse, these won’t be created automatically in each of our warehouses.

They get created when you send a Shipping Plan to that warehouse, or when they are load balances into a warehouse they didn’t exist previously.

Have a nice day!